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Parker VMT Oil and Gas Systems

Forward Thinking in Reverse Osmosis Engineering

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Oil and Gas Water Systems

Sea Water Series
24,000-93,000 GPD
(91,000-352,000 LPD)

Offshore PW-XP Series
3,000-20,000 GPD
(11,000-75,000 LPD)

IMF Media Filtration System
IMF7000 - 10000 - 20000

CMF Media Filtration System

CMF200 - 1200 - 2000


Pure Water
Commercial Series
3000-20,000 GPD
(11,000-75,000 LPD)

Bilgewater Separator
Bilgewater Separator
BMS350, BMS500 BMS1000, BMS2000, and BMS2500

RMF8 - 20 - 40

Filter Housing 30X-FRP








-XP Series
2,000-26000 GPD
(7,500-97,500 LPD)

EUWP Series
100,000 GPD
(378,500 LPD)

EUWP 2 Series
250,000 GPD
(946,000 LPD)

Filter Housing 100X

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