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Parker VMT Industrial & Process Water Systems

Forward Thinking in Reverse Osmosis Engineering

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Industrial & Process Water Systems

Seawater RO Desalination
Standard Unit Capacities to 150 GPM (35 M3/Hour) Engineered Systems for Larger Capacity Units

BW Series
BW Series
Brackish Water RO Standard Unit Capacities to 250 GPM (60 M3/Hour) Engineered Larger Capacity Units

ZK Series
ZK Series
Compact Brackish Water RO Desalination System
200-1,500 GPD
(1-6 M3/Day)



BW Series
DM & BWT Series
Demineralized water treatment systems to 175 gpm (40 M3/hr) capacity. Engineered larger capacity units

Boiler Feed RO System
UHF Series

Ultra Filtration Unit Capacities to 2,000 GPM (450 M3/Day) Engineered Systems for Various Flowrates and Applications

L Series
Brackish RO Desalination Unit Capacities Up-To
15,000 GPD (55 M3/Day)



BW Series
Electrodeionization (EDI) Standard Unit Capacities Up-To 500 GPM
(115 M3/Day)

J Series watermaker
ZS Series
Brackish RO Desalination Unit Capacities to
30,000 GPD (110 M3/Day)

Market Application
Publication (MAP)

WP0103 Ultra Pure Water Treatment for Medical Device Manufacture-MAP


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