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For Offshore MODU, FSO, FPSO, and Drill Ships

Download::CC200-XP Series Specifications (PDF file)
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  CC2000 Explosion Proof Series
  The CC Series watermakers provide engineered solutions to meet customer specifications in harsh offshore applications.
  Each one is configured with all accessories in a single box frame. Various pre-treatment and post-treatment options are available..
  Standard Features:  
  Media filter pre-treatment with automated backwash  
  Activated carbon pre-treatment with automated backwash  
  De-chlorination pre-treatment by SMBS dosing and ORP monitoring  
  Second pass treatment for turbine wash or boiler feedwater purity requirements.  

Hazardous area explosion proof ratings -NEC Class I, Division I, Group D
-NEC Class I, Division 2, Group D
-IEC 60079, Zone 2, Group IIA, T3
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