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Village Marine
Filtration Systems

Forward Thinking in Reverse Osmosis Engineering

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  Parker Village Marine
Filtration Systems

Little Wonder Series Watermaker
Little Wonder Modular (LWM) Series
145-180 GPD
(550-681 LPD)

Pure Water Series
400-2000 GPD
(1,500-7,500 LPD)

Sea Water Series
24,000-93,000 GPD
(91,000-352,000 LPD)

LT Series
3000 - 7000 GPD
(11 to 27 m3/day)

Bilgewater Adsorbent Separator
BAS Series
BAS-500, BAS-1000
BAS-2000, BAS-25000


Stowaway Series Watermakers
Stowaway Series
400-800 GPD
(1,500-3,000 LPD)

LT Series Watermaker for ocean crossing, extended voyages or fishing
LT Series
400-1,800 GPD
(1,500-6,750 LPD)

LTM Series
500-1,800 GPD
(1,875-6,750 LPD)

pw commercial series watermaker
Pure Water
Commercial Series
3000-18,000 GPD
(11,000-68,000 LPD)

Bilgewater Separator
Bilgewater Separator
BMS350, BMS500 BMS1000, BMS2000, and BMS2500


IMF - Media Filtration System
IMF Media Filtration System
IMF7000 - 10000 - 20000

Filter Housing 30X


RMF8 - 20 - 40

Filter Housing 100X



Filter Housing 30X-FRP

BW Series
BW Series
Brackish Water RO Standard Unit Capacities to 250 GPM (60 M3/Hour) Engineered Larger Capacity Units

Chemical Dosing System
Chemical Dosing System

Expeditionary Mobile Water Packaging System

Expeditionary Mobile
Water Packaging System
Delivers Water Pouches



BW Series
DM & BWT Series
Demineralized water treatment systems to 175 gpm (40 M3/hr) capacity. Engineered larger capacity units

Boiler Feed RO System
UHF Series

Ultra Filtration Unit Capacities to 2,000 GPM (450 M3/Day) Engineered Systems for Various Flowrates and Applications

L Series
Brackish RO Desalination Unit Capacities Up-To
15,000 GPD (55 M3/Day)



Offshore PW-XP Series
3,000-20,000 GPD
(11,000-75,000 LPD)

-XP Series
2,000-26000 GPD
(7,500-97,500 LPD)

25 GPD
(93 LPD)

WJC-30 Fresh Water Filtration System
WJC-30 Fresh Water
Filtration System
30 GPH (114 LPH)

H2O-PRO Reverse Osmosis SystemVillage Marine Platoon
Reverse Osmosis System
25 GPH (95 LPH)

20,000 GPD

EUWP Series
100,000 GPD
(378,500 LPD)

EUWP 2 Series
250,000 GPD
(946,000 LPD)

CMF Media Filtration Systems
CMF Media Filtration System

CMF200 - 1200 - 2000

Ultraviolet Light Germicidal System -



BW Series
Electrodeionization (EDI) Standard Unit Capacities Up-To 500 GPM
(115 M3/Day)

J Series watermaker
ZS Series
Brackish RO Desalination Unit Capacities to
30,000 GPD (110 M3/Day)

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